photo of a basket of turnips

The modest turnip is often overlooked in the grocery store, but worth a second glance. This hearty root vegetable packs a nutritious and flavorful punch into many dishes.

Turnip Recipes

USDA. NAL. SNAP-Ed Connection.

Recipes using turnips from the SNAP-Ed Connection Recipe Finder database.

Fruits and Vegetables...Good for You: Root Vegetables (PDF | 513KB)

Kansas State University. K-State Research and Extension.

This colorful newsletter provides selection and preparation tips for turnips and other root vegetables.

Turnip: Nutrition. Selection. Storage

Produce for Better Health Foundation.

This page contains nutrition information for turnips and tips on how to select, store and prepare them. Also included are links to other relevant information including Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Turnips, that gives new and different ways to add this vegetable to your diet.

Tantalizing Turnips (PDF | 745KB)

University of Alaska Fairbanks. Cooperative Extension Service.

This 8 page fact sheets provides consumer information on turnip nutrition, selection, preparation and preservations methods including canning and drying.

Selecting, Storing and Serving Ohio Kohlrabi, Rutabagas and Turnips

Ohio State University Extension.

This Web fact sheet covers the selection, storage and preparation (including yield) of turnips.