Photograph of a rutabaga

Often confused with turnips, rutabagas are another hearty and nutritious root vegetable with a unique flavor.

Rutabaga Recipes

USDA. NAL. SNAP-Ed Connection.

Recipes containing rutabagas from the SNAP-Ed Connection Recipe Finder database.

Rutabaga: Nutrition. Selection. Storage

Produce for Better Health Foundation.

This page contains nutrition information for rutabaga and tips on how to select, store and prepare it.

Selecting, Storing and Serving Ohio Kohlrabi, Rutabagas and Turnips

Ohio State University Extension.

This Web fact sheet covers the selection, storage and preparation (including yield) of turnips.

Rutabaga Newsletter (PDF | 273 KB)

Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Network.

This 6 page newsletter provides a wealth of nutrition education material specific to rutabagas. Mini articles review selection, storage and various rutabaga preparation methods. One article discusses how these root vegetables fit into MyPyramid. Several recipes are provided as well as a quiz and coloring activity.


Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Network.

Visit this Web site to download newsletters, recipes, bookmarks, and other nutrition education materials related to rutabagas.