Photograph of sliced tomatoes.

Tomatoes grow fresh in summer, but are usually available all year long in the produce aisle. Canned tomatoes products are a convenient alternative to fresh tomatoes for recipes, making them a stable in many kitchen pantries.

Tomato: Nutrition. Selection. Storage

Produce for Better Health Foundation.

This page contains nutrition information for tomatoes and tips on how to select, store and prepare them. Also included are links to other relevant information including Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Tomatoes, that gives new and different ways to add tomatoes to your diet.

Tomato Recipes

USDA. NAL. SNAP-Ed Connection.

Recipes containing tomatoes from the SNAP-Ed Connection Recipe Finder database.

It's Tomato Time (PDF | 331 KB)

Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program. Family Living Programs. Cooperative Extension.

This fact sheet gives choosing tips and serving ideas, as well as information about storage, preparation and nutritional components of tomatoes. Also includes information about growing tomatoes and recipes for tomatoes.

Fruits and Vegetables Lesson: Tomatoes (PDF | 320 KB)

University of Georgia.

Lesson plan for older adults teaches the health benefits of tomatoes, how to choose, store, cook and prepare them. Includes handouts, worksheets, activities, recipes and references.

Florida Tomatoes

Florida Tomato Committee.

Web site includes health information and research, cooking tips and ideas, a foodservice handling video, and a guide to the different types of tomatoes.

Tomatoes: Food $ense Guide to Eating Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (PDF | 156KB)

Utah State University Cooperative Extension.

Document provides broad overview of tomatoes including information on availability, selection, storage, and preparation. Nutrition highlights and recipes including tomatoes are also included.

Freezing Tomatoes and Tomato Products

University of Minnesota Extension.

Describes how to use frozen tomatoes for cooking, and how to make and preserve whole tomatoes, salsa, stewed tomatoes, and tomato sauce.

Preserving Food: Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products (PDF | 610 KB)

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service.

Describes the process and methods for canning tomatoes, in detail.

The Tomato Zone

The British Tomato Growers Association.

This web site for children age 5 to 16 contains interactive resources, including games and activities which teach about the health benefits of tomatoes. Teachers' notes for each activity explains how it can be used as part of a lesson.


Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Network.

Visitors to this web site can download and distribute newsletters, recipes, bookmarks, and other materials related to tomatoes. Spanish and large-type materials available.