Healthy Weight Loss

Feet on Scale

Find resources for education activities related to healthy weight issues, including handouts, PowerPoint slides, and more.

Aim for a Healthy Body Weight (PDF | 355 KB)

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension.

Demonstrate How Tiny Bits Total Big Calories (PDF | 99.4 KB)

Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension Service.

Handout also available in Spanish (PDF | 132 KB).

Learn How to Use Fruits and Vegetables to Help Manage Your Weight.

DHHS. CDC. Produce for Better Health Foundation.

Handout also available in Spanish (PDF | 1.18 MB).

Smiling Utensils The Power of One Dietary Change in Losing Weight (PDF | 247 KB)

University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension.

Eating Eat Smart: Fill Up, Not Out! (PDF | 184 KB)

University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension.

Energize Yourself and Your Family

Weight-control Information Network.

Make Your Calories Count mascot Make Your Calories Count: Use the Nutrition Facts Label for Healthy Weight Management

DHHS. FDA. Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

Celebrate the Beauty of Youth

Weight-control Information Network.

Visit the Families, Food and Fitness Web site

Iowa State University. eXtension.