Nutrition Apps and Games

Apps for Adults

      • Ask Karen. United States Department of Agriculture.
        Receive 24/7 virtual assistance and tips on preventing foodborne illness, safe food handling and storage, and safe preparation of meat, poultry, and egg products.

      • My Dietary Supplements. NIH. Office of Dietary Supplements.
        Track dietary supplement use. Can create multiple profiles to manage for different users. Contains up-to-date consumer fact sheets about dietary supplements.

      • 4 Day Throw Away. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
        Find information about how long different kinds of foods can safely be stored.

      • BMI Calculator. NIH. National Heart Lung and Blood Institute.
        Enter height and weight to receive your BMI.

      • Cooking Matters. NavigationArts.
        Develop nutritious meals on a budget. Contains 90+ recipes with color photos and nutrition information.

Apps for Kids

      • Eat-And-Move-O-Matic. New Mexico State University.
        Teaches kids the relationship between taking calories in and burning them off through exercise. Can also be played as a web game.

      • Body Quest - Food of the Warrior. Auburn University, Alabama Cooperative Extension.
        Meet 6 superheroes who gain their superpowers from healthy food and drinks. This series of 6 apps/lessons teaches children about healthy foods with games.

      • Grow It-Know It. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
        Teaches children where their food (and other simple items) comes from in agriculture.

      • Catch the Carrot. University of Illinois Extension.
        Answer trivia questions about different foods. Correct answers release a falling food that you must catch in your shopping cart.

      • Snack Planet. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
        Promotes benefits of healthy snacks and exercise. Move Optimus through the maze to grab healthy snacks.

      • Work It Off. Humanitarian Free and Open Source.
        Teaches children the relationship between what they eat and the calories they burn.

      • Smash Your Food. Octave Media International.
        Shows children the impact of what they eat by smashing their food and beverage choices to show how much sugar, salt, and oil they contain. Can also be played as a web game.

      • Max's Plate. Merryweather Farms LLC.
        Teaches young children how to eat according to MyPlate.

      • Healthy Heroes - Nutrition for Kids. Yogome Inc.
        Play 36 levels against 6 hungry monsters. Teaches children about healthy eating habits. Costs $1.99

Web Games for Kids

      • MyPlate Kids' Place: Games. USDA. Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion
        Play several MyPlate-related games.

      • Ninja Kitchen. USDA, NIFA, & New Mexico State University.
        Speed is important, but in this kitchen, safety comes first. Stop for lunch at a cafe staffed entirely by ninjas.

      • The Food Detectives. USDA, Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, & New Mexico State University
        Through playing to learn youth understand the importance of the key messages in the Fight BAC food safety program.

      • Scrub Club Games. National Science Foundation.
        Teaches kids about food safety and prevention of bacteria growth. Also includes webisodes and downloads.

      • Nutrition Explorations Kids Games. Fuel Up to Play 60.
        Targets either lower elementary school children or upper elementary school students. Focuses on the 5 food groups.

      • Nutrition Decision. New Mexico State University.
        Play this game to learn how to read nutrition facts labels, and get ideas for estimating serving size and moving more.

      • Mission Nutrition.
        Contains resources for kids on various topics related to being healthy, growing up, and puberty.

      • Food Group Games. Nourish Interactive.
        Learn about different food groups with these games and activities.

      • Kids games + Activities. Dairy Council of California.
        Teaches kids about healthy breakfast, food history, MyPlate, and physical activity.