About the Photo Gallery

The Food and Nutrition Service is thrilled by the positive response received about the Photo Gallery as well as States' interest in sharing their own images with others. This interest embodies the spirit behind the SNAP-Ed Connection, which strives to facilitate communication and resource sharing among SNAP-Ed providers.

If you have a similar photograph collection on your State Web site, we invite you to send the SNAP-Ed Connection your Web address. On the SNAP-Ed Connection Web site, we will gladly feature links to State photo collections that depict appropriate Program nutrition education messages. We highly recommend that States note photo use restrictions, image descriptions, and file-type availability on their Web sites.

We also welcome feedback on the SNAP Photo Gallery images regarding how they are being used, which ones are most useful, and other images needed to communicate SNAP-Ed and outreach messages. To submit the Web address to your State's photographs or to provide feedback regarding the SNAP Photo Gallery, please contact SNAP-Ed Connection staff at:

Food and Nutrition Information Center
Attn: SNAP-Ed Connection Staff
National Agricultural Library
10301 Baltimore Avenue, Room 108
Beltsville, MD 20705-2351
Phone: (301) 504-5414 TTY: (301) 504-6856
Email: snap-ed@ars.usda.gov

Thanks again to all of you that have volunteered your images for the purpose of helping others communicate Program messages to our target audience. We hope you find the SNAP Photo Gallery, and any related links we are able to provide, useful and look forward to hearing from you.