Photograph of a basket of strawberries.

Sweet, fragrant strawberries are a sure sign of summer! To capture that flavor all year long, look for frozen or dried strawberries.

Strawberry Recipes

USDA. NAL. SNAP-Ed Connection.

California Strawberry Kids

California Strawberry Commission.

This interactive site has games and activities geared toward a wide range of children, and with an educational component. A section for parents and teachers includes additional activities for home and school.

Strawberries: Nutrition. Selection. Storage

Produce for Better Health Foundation.

This page contains nutrition information for strawberries and tips on how to select, store and prepare them. Also included are links to other relevant information including Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Strawberries, that gives new and different ways to add this fruit to your diet.

Strawberries & More

University of Illinois Extension.

Excellent web site includes information about growing strawberries, selection and care, history, nutrition information, facts and recipes that include strawberries.

Strawberry Information Center

Michigan State University Extension.

The center contains links to information,reference tools, publications and provides the opportunity to ask reference questions.

Strawberries Fact Sheet

Ohio State University Extension, Fairfield County.

Short fact sheet includes information about selection, nutrient content, preparation, storage and freezing of strawberries.