If you didn't like spinach as a kid, think about giving it a second chance! This leafy green packs flavor and nutrition to every bite.

Spinach Recipes

USDA. NAL. Food Stamp Nutrition Connection.

Recipes containing spinach from the Food Stamp Nutrition Connection Recipe Finder database.

Fruits and Vegetables Lesson: Leafy Greens (PDF | 371KB)

University of Georgia.

Lesson plan for older adults teaches the health benefits of leafy greens, such as spinach, collards, turnip greens, kale, mustard greens, and dark salad. Review how to choose, store, cook and prepare them. Includes handouts, worksheets, activities, recipes and references.

Watch Your Garden Grow - Spinach

University of Illinois Extension.

Web site contains in depth information including varieties, planting and growing as well as selection, storage and frequently asked questions.

Functional Food: Deep Leafy Green Vegetables

Pennsylvania State University Extension.

Perfect for a lesson on leafy green vegetables, this page includes links to a lesson plan, a Power Point presentation, a fact sheet, tip sheets, a crossword puzzle, recipes, and an evaluation booklet.

Leafy Greens Lesson Plans

The Leafy Greens Council.

Lessons featuring the "cruciferous crusaders" which can be incorporated into language arts, math, social studies, and science/health classes. Culminating activities, a test with answer key, trading cards, and coloring pages also available. Other areas of web site includes information about selection, storage, preparation, recipes and "top 10 reasons to eat your greens".

Spinach: Nutrition. Selection. Storage

This page contains nutrition information for spinach and tips on how to select, store and prepare it. Also included are links to other relevant information including Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Spinach, that gives new and different ways to add this vegetable to your diet.

Spinach (PDF | 462 KB)

Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Network.

Web site contains PDF files of newsletters, recipes, bookmarks, and other nutrition education materials related to spinach. Bookmark, newsletter and recipes are available in large type. Also available in Spanish (PDF 342KB)