Food Preservation Tips and Resources

Woman Canning Food USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning

National Center for Home Food Preservation.

Learn about safe canning methods for a variety of different food products.

Canning & Freezing

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.

Directions, recipes and answers to questions about canning and freezing. Also includes making pickles, jams and jellies and vacuum packaging.

Food Safety Poster Freezing and Food Safety

USDA. Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Provides information on freezing foods including food safety, product quality, and nutrient retention.

Home Food Preservation: Resources for Safe Food Preservation

Pennsylvania State University. College of Agricultural Sciences. Food Science Department.

Browse the links to many preservation resources or search the food preservation database for safe home processing methods.

National Center for Home Food Preservation

National Center for Home Food Preservation.

Publications on canning, freezing, curing and other forms of home food preservation. Provides guidance on how to safely store foods at home.

Preserving Alaska's Bounty

University of Alaska Fairbanks. Cooperative Extension Service.

A series of web-based learning modules that teaches food preservation techniques and principles such as canning, pickling, and drying. Adobe Flash player required.

Pressure canner Steps to Success in Home Canning

University of Missouri-Columbia. Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.

Step by step outline of how to can food. Also available as PDF (165 KB)

What Do I Do With My Farmers' Market Produce?

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.

Watch a video and find fact sheets on how to store and enjoy fresh produce year-round.