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Title:Body Quest: Food of the Warrior
Pub. date: March 2013
Includes: Complete Curriculum with multimedia components
Audience: Children, Elementary School, Grades K-5
Language: English
Description:Body Quest: Food of the Warrior is a multicomponent childhood obesity prevention initiative integrating traditional Extension curriculum with iPad app technology. Designed to increase fruit and vegetable consumption in elementary-aged youth, Body Quest uses anime characters to engage youth in a quest for healthy habits. The Leader's Guide is comprised of seven lessons with many supplemental resources available, including background information on the Experiential Learning Model, on which this curriculum is based. Seven iPad apps were written to complement and reinforce lesson content, and while not required for the success of the program, will enhance the journey for students. Apps are available for free through iTunes.

Materials Include:

Core Materials

  • Leader's Guide: Provides background information and guidance for educators as well as Includes class outlines for nutrition topics, pencil-and-paper reinforcements, weekly fruit and vegetable tasting, lessons on physical activity, “Do, Reflect, Apply” questions and take-home messages.
  • Character Posters: Set of the six nutrition characters used throughout the curriculum. Available in sizes 11x17 and 16x24.
  • Vow Poster: Students sign this poster to demonstrate their commitment to pursue the quest for health, strength and wisdom. Available in sizes 11x17 and 16x24.
  • Card Deck: Downloadable graphic file for a 54-cards deck that is used weekly as students work independently to learn healthy eating habits.
  • Vow Card: Wallet-sized card with the printed student vow.
  • Battle Cry: Students repeat this chant at each class to remind them of healthy habits.
  • Family Warrior Tool – Sleep: Take home handout on healthy sleep habits.
  • Family Discussion Prompts: Prompts to send home with students for them to begin discussions with family about healthy eating.
  • Family Warrior Tool – Calendar: A calendar for families to use to chart their healthy eating, activity and general habits.
  • Graduation Certificate: A certificate to give to the student to recognize completion of lessons.

Supplemental Materials

  • Pencil-and-Paper Activities: Handouts used to reinforce lesson content for each of the seven lessons in the Leader’s Guide.
  • Showcase Activities: Handouts used to reinforce lesson content for each of the seven lessons in the Leader’s Guide that allow students to demonstrate understanding of concepts.
  • Seven iPad apps: Nutrition content of iPad apps supports national education content standards such as spelling, matching skills, food identification and literacy understanding. Apps are directed by anime? characters who teach balanced meals, foods groups, food nutrient function and healthy snacks. Apps are free and can be found in iTunes by searching for Body Quest: Food of the Warrior. (note iPad app content not reviewed by SNAP-Ed Connection staff)
  • Power Band: Downloadable graphic file designed to be printed on silicone wrist bands.
  • Character Stickers: Downloadable graphic files for character stickers designed for multiple uses.
  • Folder Sticker: Downloadable graphic files for character stickers for use on student folders.
  • T-shirts: Downloadable graphic files for use on t-shirts.
  • Banners: Downloadable graphic files for two banner styles that can be used for marketing of Body Quest.
Funding Source: SNAP-ED through the Alabama Department of Human Resources and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System
Developer: Molly Gregg, Chuck Hill, Sondra M. Parmer, Barb Struempler
Organization: Alabama Cooperative Extension System Alabama A&M University and Auburn University
Phone: 334-844-2231
Pilot Testing: Developer states: “Data has been collected and showed significant increases in fruit and vegetable consumption among youth participating in BQ as compared to a control group. Results are to be published soon.”

An evaluation tool is not publically available at this time. Developers of the Body Quest curriculum would like to encourage SNAP-Ed programs who are interested in using these materials to contact them to arrange for participation in their global evaluation process. Results would be processed and analyzed through Auburn University. Individual State and local agency data would be shared with contributing agencies. Please contact developers for more information.

Assessment instrument Used? no
Use Restrictions: May copy for educational purposes
Reviewers Comments: The Body Quest: Food of the Warier comprehensive curriculum combines the theoretical framework of the Experiential Learning Mode with engaging, anime-style characters to encourage elementary aged school children to adopt healthy behaviors. Specific emphasis is placed on trying new fruits and vegetables, eating to fuel a healthy body, physical activity and healthy sleep habits.

Nutrition education is designed to be delivered over a series of 6 lessons that consist of a core lesson (approximately 30 minutes) and optional supplemental activities. Developers state that the time necessary for delivering both core and all supplemental activities would be approximately 90 minutes. Materials are adaptable for specific grade levels ranging from Kindergarten through fifth grade. Each Body Quest lesson incorporates national health education standards through cross-curricular activities in math, science, social studies, and the arts. Materials are adaptable for audience age level and time constraints and would be ideally suited for use in traditional classroom settings, after school programs, 4-H programs, or other community nutrition education settings in which a series of education opportunities within the same group of participants is possible.

A Leader Guide provides complete information on all of the materials, an introduction to the Experiential Learning Model, instructions for each of the 6 core lessons and supplemental activities, as well as considerations for diversity in lifestyle and family life among participants. This Leader Guide provides ample guidance to allow educators from a variety of backgrounds to be successful in delivering the Body Quest curriculum.

Materials emphasizing sleep hygiene and healthy sleep habits fall outside of the scope of SNAP-Ed and were not reviewed for accuracy as part of this review. Developers state that guidance in these materials is based on recommendations from the National Sleep Foundation.

Hard copies of materials are not available for order, but electronic version of all print materials and supporting graphic files (for stickers, wrist bands, and other promotional materials) are all available to download at no charge from the Alabama Cooperative Extension Web site.

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    Distributor: Alabama Cooperative Extension
    Mail: ACES Distribution Office
6 Duncan Hall
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849
    Phone: 334-844-1592
    Fax: 334-844-9650
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this sounds exciting, I've looked it over and I'm impressed.

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