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Title:Eat Less! The Upside of Downsizing Portions
Pub. date: 2012
Edition: First
Includes: DVD
Audience: Adults, Multiple audiences
Language: English
Description:"This program explores the USDA's recommendation to 'eat less' and 'avoid oversized portions.' Discover why portion sizes have grown over the past few decades, and how the quality of food has changed. Learn how to consume fewer, yet more nourishing calories. Get tips on downsizing your portions and learn the important role exercise plays in eating less."
Developer: Learning Seed
Phone: 800-634-4941
Length: 29 minutes
Use Restrictions: Permission needed to copy.
Reviewers Comments: In this educational DVD, the narrator discusses many aspects of “Enjoying your food, but eating less”, while the screen shows actors, text or other related images. It is divided into five short chapters:

  • Dietary Guidelines overview- reviews the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans;
  • Why we’re supersizing - discusses “thrifty genes”, added fat and sugar, larger portion sizes, activity levels;
  • The upside to downsizing calories – provides a brief overview of calories using MyPlate, definitions of calorie-dense and nutrient-dense, and information about dietary fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, types of fats, added sugars, nutrition labels and the effects of food processing;
  • Downsize your portions – reviews increasing portion sizes, calorie content of different sizes of foods, strategies for downsizing portions;
  • Three simple actions – discusses making lifestyle changes: less screen time, daily exercise and more time sleeping (review of the importance of sleep for hormonal regulation of appetite).

  • No other materials are included with the DVD, but it may stand alone as a complete resource for discussion groups, classes or for viewing in a waiting area. The Educator's Resource Guide is available online. Appropriate for English-speaking audiences, teens through adults, and any ethnicity or gender. Captioning is available.

    Note: The educator resource guide and other free supporting resources now require you to create an online account and log in prior to viewing.
    Contact the Distributor:
        Distributor: Learning Seed
        Mail: 641 West Lake Street, Suite 301
    Chicago, IL 60661
        Order URL:!prettyPhoto
        Cost: 99.00 per DVD
        Avail. in Qty: No

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