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Title:Food $ense - UT: Grains
Alt. Title:Food Sense - UT: Grains
Pub. date: 2011-2012
Includes: Series of 12 lessons.
Audience: Adults
Language: English
Description:The Food $ense Grains lesson series provides adults with helpful information and demonstrations about selecting, preparing, cooking with, and storing different grains.
Funding Source: USDA. FNS. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
Developer: Heidi LeBlanc, Debra Christofferson
Organization: Utah State University Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences
Length: 12 lessons
Assessment instrument Used? No
Use Restrictions: May copy.
Reviewers Comments: Food $ense Grains is a series of monthly lessons designed to familiarize participants with different grains. Each lesson, designed to take approximately 1 hour, and accompanying handout provides basic information on a different grain.

Each lesson has the same basic structure and components. Lessons first provide educators with information on objectives, required materials, optional supplemental materials, preparation required, teaching tips and ideas, and suggested lesson times. They then contain detailed instructions for teaching and are all ordered similarly: they start with an introduction, move on to cover each of the objectives separately, and end with a conclusion. Instructions for each section are detailed, including prompts for what educators should say and do. Lessons are designed to be interactive and encourage participation; some involve group activities.

Educators should pay attention to the required materials and preparation information to ensure they have the necessary resources and time for each lesson. Many lessons require having the grain on hand to show to the participants. For example, the barley lesson includes showing raw pearled barley, raw hulled barley, and barley flakes. Additionally, each lesson has multiple recipes that use the grains in a variety of ways. Various lessons require recipe components to be prepared in advance (e.g., beginning to cook the grain). Additionally, recipes may require that many different utensils and appliances be available for cooking, for example an oven or stove. Lessons could easily be modified to exclude, or include, only select recipes. Nutrition Facts labels are not provided. Recipes do not provide guidance on internal cooking temperatures. There are a few select recipes that include meat for which educators should inform participants of the guidance for proper cooking temperatures. Handouts contain copies of the recipes for the participants as well as other useful information about the grain.

Food $ense Grains lessons can be used to introduce different grains to participants as well as provide them with simple ways to cook with them. These lessons could be effective as a stand-alone tool or combined with other Food $ense lessons, or could even be modified to fit within other nutrition education lessons, including those based on the MyPlate food groups.

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Food $ense Grains lessons (HTML):
Food $ense lessons (HTML):
Contact the Distributor:
    Distributor: Utah State University Extension, Family Nutrition Program
    Mail: 8749 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-8749
    Phone: (435) 797-3923
    Order URL:Web Address
    Cost: 0.00 per
    Avail. in Qty: No
    Bulkrate:Downloadable for free from the internet.

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