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Title:Your Guide to Diet and Diabetes
Alt. Title:Tu Guía para la Alimentación y Diabetes
Pub. date: 2009
Edition: 2nd
Includes: Web site
Audience: Adults, Hispanic
Language: English, Spanish
Description:Your Guide to Diet and Diabetes originally began as a project to make the Dining with Diabetes Illinois Extension curriculum available on the internet. This Web site is focused on delivering the basics of healthy eating, including portion management, the carbohydrate and fat content of foods, and applications to meal planning and grocery shopping. The Web site aimed to increase understanding of the role that diet plays in diabetes management and thus increase dietary self-care practices.
Funding Source: University of Illinois Extension
Developer: Karen Chapman-Novakofski, Jane Scherer, Trina Sprengelmeyer
Organization: University of Illinois
Readability: 9.3
Assessment Method: Flesch-Kincaid
Pilot Testing: For results from initial evaluation please see: Herrejon K, Hartke JL, Scherer J, Chapman-Novakofski K. The creation and impact evaluation of Your Guide to Diet and Diabetes, an interactive web-based diabetes tutorial. Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics, 11(3): 1-9, 2009.
Assessment instrument Used? yes
Reviewers Comments: Your Guide to Diet and Diabetes is a wonderful resource for diabetics, those at risk for diabetes, and anyone interested in learning more about diabetes and its relationship to diet. It may also be used by educators working with those populations, either for their own knowledge or working side by side with participants. The resource is available as an online Web site and can be fully accessed at no cost.

The Web site divides information into five main topic areas: a general overview, food groups and diabetes, eating for target blood glucose levels, eating for cardiovascular health, and diabetes medications. Each of these sections explains complicated subjects using simple terms, making them easier to understand. Frequently asked questions about the topic are listed and straightforward responses are supplied. In addition to these five informative sections, the Web site includes quizzes to test your knowledge about subjects like meal planning and the different food groups. Links to more resources and other recommended Web sites are also provided.

The Web site also links to a wonderful recipe database with recipes specifically for diabetic people. Recipes for main dishes, side dishes, breads, and desserts are included. Users can search for a specific recipe using a number of different options, including searching by a caloric range or by number of carbohydrate units (1-5) of the prepared product. Each of the recipes include the nutrient information for the item, as well as links to related recipes.

Your Guide to Diet and Diabetes is an easy Web site to use even for those inexperienced with computers. It is not difficult to navigate both between and among individual pages. Many pages can be viewed as a PDF, which educators could download and print to use in nutrition classes. Most of the pages are available in both Spanish and English. The straightforward design and delivery of important information about diet and diabetes make this Web site an excellent resource.

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Web site in English:
Web site in Spanish:
Contact the Distributor:
    Distributor: University of Illinois Extension
    Mail: 905 S. Goodwin Ave
Urbana, IL 61801
    Phone: 217-244-2849
    Avail. in Qty: No

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