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Title:Cooking with Get Fresh!
Pub. date: 2009
Edition: 1st
Includes: DVD
Audience: Adults, staff, Hispanic, Native American
Language: English, Spanish subtitles available
Description:“Welcome to the Get Fresh cooking show! Join us as we demonstrate fun, healthy recipes for you to start sharing with the people you love. With simple recipes and quick tips, you can add more nutrition to your diet every day. Our recipes are based on the body’s daily needs listed on and are geared toward pleasing your whole family! So grab a seat and get ready to get healthier, get fit, get active, get smart, and Get Fresh!”

The Get Fresh! Program offers this DVD with favorite recipes, demonstrated and complete with nutrition education.

Funding Source: USDA Food Stamp Program and Chickasaw Nation.
Developer: Get Fresh! Program
Organization: The Chickasaw Nation
Length: Running time is approximately 63 minutes.
Use Restrictions: Permission needed to copy.
Reviewers Comments: Designed to mimic a cooking show, Cooking with Get Fresh! can be a wonderful addition to SNAP-Ed nutrition and cooking classes, especially those in which a kitchen is unavailable or food preparation is not possible. Participants will enjoy watching the diverse dishes being prepared, and will learn from them and extra segments the DVD offers.

There are eight total recipes prepared on the DVD. Each recipe is easy to prepare with basic cooking equipment, uses readily available, low cost ingredients, and can easily fit into a healthy diet. Most of the recipes use richly-colored fruits and vegetables, making for beautiful, vibrant dishes. Specific recipe ingredients as well as nutrition information for each recipe is available on the Get Fresh! Web site.

In addition to the recipes, the DVD features two extra segments. One is the true story of a food demonstration specialist and her struggle with weight loss. She describes the lifestyle changes she made in her cooking, eating and exercise habits to make weight loss a reality. The other extra segment features an ethnobotanist , who discusses historically relevant plants to the Chickasaw Nation, including the “three sisters” – corn, squash, and legumes. He also talks about the importance of gardening and eating seasonally.

The video is hosted by a registered dietitian, who imparts tips on healthy eating, exercise and saving money as another person prepares the dish. The dietitian stresses portion control and moderation. She recommends parking the car far away at the supermarket for additional exercise, and taking advantage of farmers markets. She also talks about ways to save money on food and how to modify recipes.

As is typical of cooking shows, some of the food preparation (chopping, trimming, and thawing) is done beforehand, and not all of the cooking is done in real time. In addition, the brilliant, modern kitchen in which the food is prepared may not be typical of SNAP classrooms and participant kitchens.

The video quality is very good and easy to use and follow. Educators can either select a specific recipe to view, or watch the entire DVD. The pacing is good and the sound quality is clear, although the background music may be distracting to some participants. There is a cohesive continuity and a smooth overall flow to the video. The picture quality is excellent when viewed in a smaller frame but may decrease as the size of the frame (or the viewing screen) increases. Showing the recipe ingredients and instructions on the screen while the video is playing could further enhance the video.

While it would be hard to use as a stand-alone tool, this video can be a wonderful nutrition education resource for many SNAP-Ed classrooms by providing the color and excitement of food preparation without actually preparing food.

NOTE: This video is part of the Get Fresh! Cooking program series. For other videos in the series, please see Get Fresh! presents Cooking the MyPyramid Way and Get Fresh! presents Cooking for the HEALTH of it!

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Get Fresh! Recipes:
Contact the Distributor:
    Distributor: The Chickasaw Nation
    Contact: Jennifer Speigel
    Mail: 229 W. Seabrook
Ada, Oklahoma 74820
    Phone: 580-272-5510
    Ordering: Email Jennifer Spiegel or use "Contact Us" from the Web site to request a DVD be sent to you.
    Order URL:
    Cost: 0.00 per DVD
    Avail. in Qty: No

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