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Title:Enjoying Our Healthy Harvest
Pub. date: 2009, updated 11/2013
Edition: 1st
Includes: Curriculum, including lessons, activities, supporting materials and evaluation materials.
Audience: Children, Elementary School, Middle School, 4th grade
Language: English, some Spanish available upon request
Description:This curriculum encourages knowledge gain and behavior change to consume more fruits and vegetables. Students also learn basic food safety and preparation techniques in six lessons. In each of the lessons, participants learn how to select fresh produce, clean it and do a simple preparation or have a sampling of the varieties of that produce, and discover the nutrient-rich properties.
Funding Source: OSU Extension Service.
Developer: Glenda Hyde
Organization: Oregon State University Extension
Phone: 541-548-6088
Pilot Testing: A pre-post survey was developed for 4th grade students to measure behavior change and knowledge. The survey was piloted in the spring of 2008 with several classrooms. IRB approval was obtained in the fall of 2008 from Oregon State University IRB. The survey was administered in 32 classrooms in the fall of 2008. There were 387 respondents.

Results and Interpretation/Discussion: To affect behavior change with this curriculum, we deliver six weekly lessons and invite teachers to support the messages that are important to Enjoying Our Healthy Harvest with additional provided weekly activities. Through this combined effort, 80.1% of all the survey respondents improved at least one behavior.

Assessment instrument Used? yes
Use Restrictions: May copy for educational purposes.
Reviewers Comments: Enjoying our Healthy Harvest is a nutrition education curriculum that covers the proper selection, cleaning, handling and safe preparation of fresh produce from the farm or the market to the table. Except for the first lesson which reviews hand washing, all of the lessons focus on a particular fruit or vegetable. All lessons include a general outline for the facilitator, discussion questions, activities, a materials list, parent handouts and links to support materials for additional background information. The curriculum incorporates social studies, writing, math, geography and science skills. During each of the lessons, students learn about the selection, preparation, and taste of nine different fruits and vegetables, along with important food safety skills.

Teacher evaluations are provided for classroom teachers to evaluate the facilitators. Pre- and post-tests are also included for the facilitator to track the student's progress. These evaluations were used in the pilot study in fall 2008. The results are available online.

View/download files: 
Web site in English leads to many PDFs in English:
Contact the Distributor:
    Distributor: Oregon State University Extension
    Contact: Glenda Hyde
    Mail: 3893 SW Airport Way
Redmond, Oregon 97756
    Phone: 541-548-6088
    Ordering: only available on-line
    Cost: 0.00 per on-line training
    Avail. in Qty: No
User FeedbackDate
Thank you to our reviewer. Here are some clarifications and updates: The "C is for Correct Cutting" resource is intended to be used to train the demonstrator in proper knife technique and safety so students see proper skills modeled. A post- then pre-survey is now available on the web site.
    –Glenda Hyde

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