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Title:Food Preparation Manual
Alt. Title:Manual de Preparación de Comidas
Pub. date: March 2009
Includes: Booklet
Audience: Multiple Audiences, adults, older adults, educators
Language: English, Spanish
Description:A 65 page booklet describing basic food preparation. Topics discussed within the booklet include MyPyramid, basic food and kitchen safety, cook's tools, measurements and abbreviations, cooking terms, functions or baking ingredients, food yields, ingredient substitutions, spices, stocking the pantry, fresh fruits and vegetables, cleaning dishes by hand, using a dishwasher, cleaning agents, microwave cooking, snack ideas, create-a-main dish, and quick and easy recipes.
Funding Source: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program SNAP. Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program EFNEP.
Developer: Wanda Koszewski, Donnia Behrends, Candece Goshorn, Georgia Jones, Rosilyn Jones, Mardel Meinke, Carrie Schneider-Miller, Natalie Sehi
Organization: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension
Phone: 402-472-6528
Length: 65 pages
Use Restrictions: Permission needed to copy.
Reviewers Comments: This is a wonderful booklet that consists of a complete summary of basic food preparation skills and techniques. It includes fundamental cooking steps such as how to measure ingredients and how to substitute ingredients. The functions of many cooking tools are explained and both simple and difficult cooking terms are defined. The booklet also reviews basic food safety techniques and guidelines, including cooking temperatures, food storage and kitchen cleaning.

A great advantage of this booklet is the straightforward, easy to understand way concepts are presented. Because of the simple language used and clear and precise descriptions, this manual is appropriate for a novice chef who has never cooked before or as a good brush up for a seasoned cook. It may be used for training SNAP-Ed staff or working with SNAP participants.

The manual can be used as a reference book or as a teaching tool. While it would be best accompanied by a basic cooking course or teaching guidance, is basic enough that it can be used as a stand alone tool. Subject areas covered are varied and broad, and appropriate for SNAP-Ed classes. Topics range from describing functions of baking ingredients, ingredient substitutions and spice pairings for designing/altering recipes to 10 steps to using a dishwasher. Black and white hand-drawn illustrations, clip art graphics or photographs are sprinkled throughout the manual to reinforce important points or to help describe kitchen tools.

For the most part the manual adheres to USDA guidelines; however, according to the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, hot food should be kept at 140°F or warmer not 135°F or higher as stated. There is a brief review of USDA’s MyPyramid guidelines at the beginning of the booklet.

At the end of the booklet, there are some great fundamental recipes for both SNAP participants and educators, including microwave recipes, master mix recipes, basic spice mixes and quick breakfast, dinner and dessert recipes. Recipes use low cost, readily available ingredients and include some nutrition information. In addition to the recipes, there is a create-a-main dish chart for making casseroles, a comprehensive list of snack ideas from all food groups, and a seasonal fruit and vegetable calendar (items that are specific to Nevada seasonality are identified, making the calendar easier to use in other states).

“Food Preparation Manual” is a comprehensive, well organized booklet that could asset SNAP-Ed providers. The entire booklet is available in both Spanish and English versions. Please contact the publisher (below) to order.

Contact the Distributor:
    Distributor: University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension Nutrition Education Program
    Contact: Natalie Sehi or Donnia Behrends
    Mail: 110 Ruth Leverton Hall
Lincoln, Nebraska 68583-0806
    Phone: 402-472-6528
    E-mail: or
    Ordering: send email request to Natalie Sehi or Donnia Behrends
    Cost: 7.50 per booklet
    Avail. in Qty: Yes
    ISBN:NEP Handout 1BL7

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