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Title:A Day in the Life
Alt. Title:One African American Family’s Transition to a Healthy Lifestyle
Pub. date: October 2008
Edition: 2nd
Includes: DVD and Discussion Guide
Audience: Multiple Audiences, African American, Mothers, Parents, Low-income, Caregivers
Language: English
Description:The "A Day in the Life" DVD and discussion guide are designed to help deliver a fun and effective educational lesson on the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and doing physical activity every day. The DVD shows African Americans a variety of ways to eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables and get the recommended level of physical activity where they live, work, worship, play and shop.
Funding Source: California Department of Public Health, Network for a Healthy California, USDA SNAP
Developer: Network for a Healthy California-African American Campaign
Organization: California Department of Public Health
Phone: 916-449-5400
Pilot Testing: A group of African American cooks prepared the recipes for taste testing.
Assessment instrument Used? yes
Use Restrictions: May copy for educational purposes.
Reviewers Comments: "A Day in the Life" can be a great tool for SNAP-Ed providers looking for an engaging and interactive way to connect with participants. This resource is primarily designed for African American populations but its basic healthy eating principles can be applied to any population.

The video portion of the resource is a glimpse into the busy lifestyle of one woman who has made an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family. The woman is a wife, a mother of two daughters and a son and a caretaker for one of her daughter’s friends. At work, at the grocery store, at church, at the park and at home, the woman discusses throughout the video the healthy choices she makes throughout the day. She discusses challenges she has faced and triumphs she and the rest of her family has achieved. She also imparts tips she has learned, like taking the stairs, parking far away and eating more salad. She tries to be a good role model for her daughters who are overweight, and encourages all her children to help select and prepare vegetables.

The video takes a few seconds before it begins, but once it gets started, the sound and video quality are very good. It has a logical flow, and fun, lively music adds to the spirited tone. The woman’s monologue is genuine and realistic, and it would be easy for other participants to relate to her struggles. While it does not contain chapters, the educator may choose to pause the video in between scenes to discuss the various topics that arise. Some brand names are mentioned and visible in the video, with no sponsor bias.

Along with the video, there is a discussion guide with suggestions and handouts for enhancing the video pre- and post showing. There are discussion questions that relate to each scene of the DVD, and a basic lesson plan outline to be conducted around the video. Discussion questions can be answered aloud or written down. There are four appendices that include additional handouts, worksheets and expanded discussions questions. Appendices also contain an explanation of the Nutrition Facts Panel and fruit, vegetables and physical activity recommendations, all consistent with the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

This resource could be used in a variety of settings, but was designed for faith-based organizations and community educators. The video can be inspiring for SNAP participants who also struggle with busy lifestyles and opposition from family members.

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Discussion Guide:
Contact the Distributor:
    Distributor: California Department of Public Health
    Contact: Customer Service
    Mail: P.O. Box 997377, MS7204
Sacramento, CA 95899-7377
    Order URL:
    Cost: 7.00 per DVD
    Avail. in Qty: Yes

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