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Title:Teen Parents: Nutrition Curriculum for Pregnant and Parenting Teens
Alt. Title:Teen Parents curriculum
Pub. date: 6/07
Includes: complete curriculum
Audience: Multiple Audiences, Pregnant/Breast feeding, Parents, Teenage Parents
Language: English
Description:Teen Parents is a nutrition curriculum that teaches pregnant and parenting teens how to make the healthiest choices for their bodies and their babies. The curriculum supports the National Health Education Standards and the State of Missouri Education Standards. Teen Parents focuses on how to be healthy while pregnant and deliver a healthy baby. The curriculum is available online as a PDF or printed copies can be ordered. The printed curriculum fits into a three-ring binder and includes tabs for easy organization of each lesson, and 38 handouts designed to be copied.
Funding Source: EFNEP and FSNE
Developer: Barbara Willenberg, Ellen Schuster
Organization: University of Missouri-Columbia
Length: 12 lessons
Pilot Testing: Feedback from educators who use these materials.
Assessment instrument Used? no
Reviewers Comments: This comprehensive curriculum teaches pregnant teenagers and teenage parents how to keep themselves and their children healthy. Written using easy to understand language and teen-friendly terms, it is specifically tailored for adolescents. Fonts and illustrations add appeal and call attention to important subjects.

There are twelve complete lessons associated with the curriculum. Each lesson includes knowledge and behavioral objectives, a list of supplies needed, background information for teachers, advance preparations that need to be completed before starting the lesson, core activities, student handouts, and additional activities if time allows. The lessons all begin with a review of the major concepts of the previous lesson (except lesson 1), and end with a review of the major concepts from the current lesson. Also included is a general outline to follow while teaching the lesson. Templates of the lesson handouts are included and may be copied for distribution to the participants.

Some of the lessons incorporate outside materials that need to be obtained separately. These include videos, a MyPyramid for Pregnancy poster and handout, Teen Parents newsletters, What Should I Eat? wallet cards, and Take a Taste for You and Your Baby recipe cards. The ordering information for these additional items is included in the “Curriculum Information” section, on page 1-2.

Lessons cover a variety of topics that are of importance to pregnant teenagers and teenage parents. Participants are taught how to plan meals based on MyPyramid, how to avoid foodborne illness, and how to recognize community resources available to them. Other topics include meeting special nutrient needs during pregnancy, understanding weight gain, incorporating physical activity, and avoiding drugs and alcohol. Hands on activities are included throughout the curriculum to enforce lesson topics, such as preparing formula and baby foods, comparing serving sizes and estimating unit pricing. Students are also asked to participate in role-playing and “Group Think” activities which help them practice how to react in certain situations. Lessons include food tastings of healthy meals and snacks. Recipes for the tastings are included in the curriculum and complete nutrition information for the recipes are included on the Take a Taste for You and Your Baby recipe cards.

Each lesson covers a large amount of information, and may require someone with a background in nutrition to teach the curriculum. While the lessons are structured, they are flexible enough to be altered and all activities are voluntary. The instructor may choose to replace, add or delete an activity with marginal effect on the rest of the lesson. Lesson time is not given, however it is estimated each lesson will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour. The curriculum can be completed as a complete series in order, or can be used as a partial series or stand alone workshop by modifying or eliminating the initial review of the previous lesson. The series includes a curriculum feedback form for the authors and a list of references used in its creation. This comprehensive Teen Parents curriculum teaches important concepts for a population that may be in critical need of nutrition education.

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HTML Link to complete lessons (available in PDF format)::
Contact the Distributor:
    Distributor: University of Missouri - Columbia
    Mail: 2800 Maguire Blvd.
Columbia, MO 65211
    Phone: 800-292-0969
    Fax: 573-884-5038
    Ordering: see Extension Publications
    Order URL:Web Address
    Cost: 18.00 per printed copies or free download
    Avail. in Qty: No

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