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Title:Health Literacy Videos
Alt. Title:Health literacy and patient safety: Help patients understand
Pub. date: 2007, 2001
Includes: Video
Audience: Nutrition Educators
Language: English
Description:Included as part of its Health Literacy Kits, the American Medical Association Foundation has created informational and instructional videos with case studies. The 2001 video, "Low health literacy: You can't tell by looking," features actual physicians and office staff interacting with real patients challenged by low health literacy. The 2007 video, "Health literacy and patient safety: Help patients understand," gives more detailed techniques and specific steps for physicians and their staff on helping patients with limited health literacy. Both videos can be viewed in their entirety online.
Length: 18-23 minutes
Use Restrictions: May not copy.
Reviewers Comments: The health literacy videos from the American Medical Association are wonderful staff training and professional development tools. Both videos are geared for doctors but the information provided is applicable and relevant for nutritionists and nutrition assistants. The video features interviews with doctors and low literate patients as well as footage of patient counseling and instruction on proper use of prescribed medications. Several patients discuss their feelings and their fears related to their literacy levels. Many feel shame and face barriers to accessing, diagnosing, and treating their health issues. The video shows that many doctors are unaware that their patients have problems with literacy. The video also reviews the impact of failure to address low literacy on our health care system. It includes techniques that can be used to help low literate patients.

The 2007 video loads quickly in its own web browser, and there is no additional software required for viewing. Although the picture is a little bit fuzzy, the narration is clear and easy to understand, as are the interviews with the patients and doctors. One potential problem with this video is it cannot be rewound, fast forwarded or paused.

The 2001 video takes a few minutes to load and can be viewed using either Real Player or Windows Media Player. This video can be fast forwarded, rewound, and paused. In addition, it displays how much of the video has been videoed and how much is left. This version can be viewed in full screen or smaller. The content is similar to the 2007 video, and it contains some of the same clips of doctors and patients interacting. This version has slightly lower audio quality.

The health literacy video is also available for order on a DVD and CD-ROM as a part of the Health Literacy Kit. In addition to the video, the kit includes a manual for physicians (with updated research on health literacy), and an extra packet of tear-off pads for the patient reception area display (for a total of two pads). Completing the case discussions in the manual can counts as a Continuing Medical Education credit for physicians. VHS versions of the video are sold separately from the kit for $10.

View/download files: 
Health Literacy Video (html links to 2007 and 2001 versions):
Contact the Distributor:
    Distributor: American Medical Association Foundation
    Contact: For kit, please mention AMA Bookstore Item #0P221007.
    Mail: 515 N. State St.
Chicago, IL 60610
    Phone: (800) 621-8335
    Fax: (312) 464-4142
    Ordering: Health Literacy Kits are available online or by phone through the AMA Bookstore. Health Literacy Videos are available free online.
    Order URL:Web Address
    Cost: 35.00 per Health Literacy Kit, Video only is available free
    Avail. in Qty: No

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