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Title:Pennsylvania SNAP Materials
Pub. date: 2005-2007
Includes: various - newsletter, flyers, activities, bookmarks, brochures, table tent, recipe cards
Audience: Multiple Audiences
Language: English & Newsletters also available in Spanish
Description:A coordinated VEGETABLE campaign with particular emphasis on low-cost, locally grown produce. Each vegetable features materials to cover nutrition and health benefits, growing, market selection, preparation, and educational activities. These free materials include newsletter inserts, bookmarks, flyers, table tents, recipes, shopping guide, bulletin boards and more. All materials have been updated for MyPyramid. The various materials are provided in easy-to-download PDF files, which can be used alone or combined with other educational materials. Please feel free to cut and paste from any of the materials. Larger font versions of some materials are available for seniors.
Funding Source: Pennsylvania Nutrition Education TRACKS, part of USDA Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program
Developer: Pennsylvania SNAP Team
Organization: PA Nutrition Education Network
Phone: 717-233-1791
Readability: 5-10
Assessment Method: SMOG, Flesch Kincaid
Pilot Testing: Impact evaluation planned for FY08
Assessment instrument Used? no
Use Restrictions: may copy
Reviewers Comments: Convincing people to eat more vegetables can be a daunting task. Most audiences will already have a preconceived notion about them. Often they will consider even unfamiliar vegetables unappetizing, simply because they are part of the vegetable group. This coordinated vegetable campaign contains a number of different helpful tools designed to assist you in promoting vegetables to even the most discerning audiences.

There are eighteen vegetables included and each one contains its own packet of recipes, brochures, handouts, and other information to help you teach about the item. Some of the vegetables included are fairly common, such as lettuce and tomatoes, while others are lesser know and consumed, such as rutabaga and squash. While a few of the vegetables presented are botanically considered fruits, all are eaten as vegetables. The order in which the vegetables are presented on the Web page is not clearly indicated, which can make it a little confusing if searching for a specific vegetable.

The first resources included for each item is a newsletter, featuring information about how to select and store the item, the different varieties, preparation tips, nutritional information and growing advice. Also included are educational activities featuring the vegetable, such as multiple choice questions, coloring pages, word searches and more, and recipes using the vegetable. This same information is repeated in separate handouts, flyers, bookmarks, brochures, table tents, and bulletin boards. There are 1-3 recipe cards available for each vegetable, and all are relatively easy to prepare, and include few simple ingredients. On the back of the recipe cards, there is nutritional information, shopping tips, and the estimated cost of both the recipe as a whole and of each serving.

The SNAP vegetable pages contain a plethora of information that can be used in a number of different ways. There is no “suggested use” of the items; so creativity is key for their application. They would work well distributed in supermarkets and farmer’s markets, doctor’s offices, and classrooms with students of all ages. The material is easy enough for children to understand, but parents will likely benefit most from their use. Another good way to encourage more vegetable consumption would be to use these resources accompanied by a tasting of the vegetable being taught. One may choose to use the resources individually or use different combinations of vegetable resources together when preparing lessons, depending on the season and availability of the item. The quality of the materials is high, with beautiful color photographs of each vegetable serving as a nice compliment to the well written text. This excellent teaching tool will make the challenge of encouraging people to eat more vegetables a little easier.

Note: Spanish versions for each vegetable are now available.

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Contact the Distributor:
    Distributor: PA Nutrition Education Network
    Contact: Meg Bruening
    Mail: 208 N Third St., Suite 200
Harrisburg, PA 17101
    Phone: 717-233-1791
    Cost: 0.00 per
    Avail. in Qty: No

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