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Title:TV Moves Me
Alt. Title:La TV Me Mueve
Pub. date: 2005
Includes: children's book
Audience: Children
Language: English, Spanish
Description:TV Moves Me is a children’s book to help families think about activities that can be done when watching TV (besides eating). Instead of advising to simply turn off the TV, this book suggests ways to incorporate physical activity into TV viewing time. The book encourages activities that help to keep children fit. The parent’s pages comment on healthy food (as do the pictures).
Funding Source: Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program and University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
Developer: Madeleine Sigman-Grant
Organization: University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
Length: 26 pages
Readability: 4.5
Assessment Method: Flesch-Kincaid
Pilot Testing: A pilot test was conducted with English-speaking low-income families (40 mothers with 55 total preschoolers ranging in ages from one year until 5 years) to determine if the contents of the book were understandable and if parents would be willing to read the book over and over to their child (a prerequisite for a children’s book). Participants were asked to read the book (to their child if the child was present). It took most parents between 4½ to 5 minutes to read the entire book (including the parent’s pages). Slightly over half of the mothers were of Hispanic descent with the remainder of various race/ethnic groups.

When asked what they thought the book is saying to their child, almost two-thirds of the mothers indicated that the message in the book related to being active, the importance of exercise and fitness, and less TV. One-fourth of the mothers (those with the youngest children) thought their child would just like the colors and graphics of the books whereas almost half believed that their child would understand the message of moving around and exercising when watching TV. Almost 90% of the mothers had very positive reactions when asked if their child would like the book. Almost 2/3s of mothers thought other family members would agree with the message. Only two of the 40 mothers would not want their children to be moving around during commercials as these women were not in the room with their child at the time of TV viewing and all but three of the mothers would join their children in being active. Finally, 38 of the 40 mothers would be comfortable reading the book over and over to their child.

Two additional questions were asked. In response to the question: How many hours of television does your child watch?—almost 2/3s of the preschoolers watch more than the AAP recommended two hours of TV viewing. When queried about what children did while watching TV, 56% of the mothers stated that their child moved around; 30 % noted that their child sat still; and 14% indicated that their child was engaged in other activities and the TV was just background noise.

Use Restrictions: may copy
Reviewers Comments: If we can’t get children to stop watching so much television, perhaps we can get them to do some physical activity during the commercials. That is the basic premise behind this book, TV Moves Me. The story features “the Couch family” – mother Mrs. Milly Couch, and children Conner, Clyde and Clara Couch – as their television comes to life one day and encourages them to move around during the commercials. The children in the book do a variety of different activities during the advertising breaks and at the end, their mother joins them in moving around during the commercials. The resonating theme of the book is “Don’t just sit and sit and sit, Keep on moving to stay fit.” At the end of the book are parent pages, which include facts and recommendations about television viewing and children. The books also imparts seven activity suggestions (including games, exercises, and fun things to do) to get children moving while watching television. While the book stresses that activity be done during the commercials, you can also emphasize that the children do activity while watching the scheduled programming as well.

This book would be beneficial for children of all ages, but is most appropriate for preschool and younger children, as well as some young school age children who want to read the book on their own as they are learning to read. It is designed to be read at home with parents, but could also be used in a classroom setting. It would work best when combined with a discussion with the child about why it is important to move around, and what sorts of activities they like to do and could do. The story is well written and focused on its message. It is accompanied by big, lively hand drawn pictures of potato-like characters. The delightful drawings are consistent with the story and even feature some advertisements for healthy foods on the television. The charismatic storyline and positive message make this book a constructive educational resource. It is available in Spanish and/or English at the web site below or by contacting the developer.

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    NAL Call No.: S87 .S7 no. 2005-09
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Contact the Distributor:
    Distributor: University of Nevada
    Contact: Madeleine Sigman-Grant
    Ordering: may obtain materials through web site
    Cost: 0.00 per
    Avail. in Qty: No

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