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Title:Keep Food Safe
Alt. Title:Keep Food Safe: A Complete Curriculum to Help Home Cooks Prepare Food Safely
Pub. date: 2004
Includes: Book or CD
Audience: Multiple Audiences
Language: English and Spanish
Description:This five lesson curriculum, published by the Ohio State University Extension, is designed to teach those who prepare food at home. Each lesson can be taught as a 5 minute mini-lesson or a 1 hour full lesson. The lessons are self contained and can be used individually or as part of a series. They are available in English and Spanish. The curriculum is available either in print or as a CD.
Funding Source: Ohio State University Extension
Developer: Lydia Medeiros, PhD
Organization: Ohio State University Extension
Length: 119 pages
Use Restrictions: may not copy
Reviewers Comments: This complete curriculum covers everything that would need to be taught to a class of home cooks. Lessons include: Planning and Purchasing of Safe Food, Storing Food Supplies Safely, Preparing Food, Serving and Storing Prepared Food, and Handling Leftovers. Each lesson has a clear set of objectives and a thorough lesson outline, including overheads, handouts, activity sheets and time for demonstrations and discussion. Lessons are based on the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles of food safety and temperatures given are in accordance with the current Fight Bac!™ temperature chart. The lessons can be used by themselves or in sequence; however, if used as part of a series some information will be repeated.

While the lesson outline can be vague at times, this could be beneficial in tailoring the class to different audiences, allowing more time to be on different subjects where it is needed. The curriculum is appropriate for a low income audience, and can be adaptable for use with different groups – including children, teens, and those preparing food in a commercial kitchen. Handouts are clear with large, easy to read font and very simple, consistent graphics. An evaluation tool is included specific for each lesson. Also included are discussion questions and activities for after the lesson or if there is extra time. Activities such as “The Case of Maria’s Chorizo” and “Rosa’s Baby” allow participants to apply food safety principles to real life situations, and are likely to be useful in getting the group discussion active. Additional situations could be developed, so there is one for each lesson. During lesson 2, educators may want to review the principles learned by giving or describing a food to participants and asking where they would store it. When discussing thawing food, an educator could spend more time reviewing how to thaw foods properly. In addition, lessons should inform participants not to rinse or wash their meat and poultry, a new recommendation from the 2005 Dietary Guidelines. Materials not included will be necessary for some of the lessons, such as a thermometer, tissue wipes, bleach, measuring cups, teaspoons and spray bottle (to make a sanitizing solution), ice packs and coolers. Overall, the curriculum is well written, well organized and a valuable educational tool.

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    NAL Call No.: Kit no.377
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Contact the Distributor:
    Distributor: Ohio State University Extension
    Mail: 216 Kottman Hall, 2021 Coffey Road
Columbus, OH 43210-1044
    Phone: 614-292-1607
    Order URL:
    Cost: 37.25 per curriculum or CD
    Avail. in Qty: No
    Bulkrate:contact distributor for details

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