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Title:Changing the Scene: Improving School Nutrition Environment
Pub. date: August 2000
Includes: Kit
Audience: Adults
Language: English
Description:The Changing the Scene: Improving School Nutrition Environment Kit is a step by step guide designed to help build an effective health team in the public school system. This kit targets active members in the community, such as school administrators, parents, teachers, food service workers and students. The kit is comprised of the following five areas: A How-To Guide, Support Materials, Related Publications, Presentation Materials, Brochures and a 14 minute Video. Each area in the kit, with the exception of the video and brochures, has a guide book outlining the program and its objectives. Brochures, flyers, sample letters, fact sheets, check lists and evaluation forms are available in the guide books and can be copied or replicated. Presentation materials are available as Microsoft PowerPoint files or printed onto overheads and are outlined and scripted. Individual sections also emphasize effective marketing and promotional plans to help increase overall health of the students.
Funding Source: USDA Team Nutrition
Developer: United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service, Team Nutrition
Length: 5 sections
Assessment instrument Used? No
Use Restrictions: May copy for educational purposes.
Reviewers Comments: Changing the Scene: Improving School Nutrition Environment is an innovative tool for bringing members of the school community together to promote healthy lifestyle choices. The objectives of these materials are plainly stated in the title and introduction in each portion of the kit. Materials are well-organized and all major points are clearly stated and summarized at the end of each booklet. Every major point in this kit has action oriented activities and outlines to promote application of materials. The information is current, research-based and accurate. Main ideas are listed as bullet points and then explained in further detail. Brainstorming and interactive ideas are presented in the materials along with encouraging effective group work to best meet the needs of the individual schools. Graphics portray a wide variety of ethnic groups and are culturally sensitive. Color, design and layout of materials are attractive and make good use of white space. Resource lists of further materials are available at the end of each guide booklet. Writing approach is positive and personal, meeting the needs of the target audience. Materials in this kit are appropriately geared towards the adult audience as well as making adjustments for materials that would be presented to the students in the school. Ideas to effectively market a healthy school environment are incorporated into each of the guide books.

Graphics in the PowerPoint files are relatively plain with a few accompanying tables and graphs. The presentation is accompanied by a scripted outline, allowing educators to have a concrete idea of how it should be taught. This may be beneficial to a new educator; however, seasoned educators may want to use the scripts more as outlines in order to match their individual teaching styles. Ideas in this kit cover general nutrition and health concepts that are broad enough to be tailored to meet the needs of any school. Some topics contain more detailed information than others. For example, marketing is well covered but dealing with negative reactions from committees is not; therefore, users may need to utilize more of the reference materials provided in this kit for these topics.

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    NAL Call No.: Kit no. 589
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Contact the Distributor:
    Distributor: Team Nutrition, U.S. Department of Agriculture
    Mail: 3101 Park Center Drive Room #632
Alexandria, VA 22302
    Phone: (703) 305-1624
    Fax: (703) 305-2549
    Order URL:
    Avail. in Qty: No
    Bulkrate:Only available in PDF.

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