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Title:Fight Foodborne Illness! A Food Safety Curriculum for Ages 14 and Over
Pub. date: June 2004
Includes: Binder contating lesson plans and transparencies
Audience: Multiple Audiences
Language: English
Description:“Fight Foodborne Illness: A Food Safety Curriculum for Ages 14 and Over” is a curriculum designed to provide food safety education to potential foodservice workers. This curriculum is comprised of six lessons:
  • “Food Safety: Why The Concern?”
  • “Good Personal Hygiene: Keep Your Hands Clean,”
  • “Preventing Cross Contamination,”
  • “Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Storing: Control Bacterial Growth,”
  • “The Importance of Good Temperature,” and
  • “Using HACCP to Achieve Food Safety.”
Included in the lessons are background information, a teaching guide, snack recipe, student activity, student fact sheet and transparencies. Not all lessons contain all of these components.

Note: This resource is no longer available for purchase. It can be borrowed from the National Agricultural Library.

Funding Source: Texas Cooperative Extension and TAMU Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
Developer: Karen Jensen, Texas A&M University Cooperative Extension
Phone: 979-458-3485
Length: 121 pages
Pilot Testing: Fight Foodborne Illness! was pilot tested with teens who participated in the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program. It was also tested in high school classes, juvenile detention centers and Kid’s Café classes. This curriculum was evaluated using 78 students in four groups. The results showed a statistically significant increase in knowledge of food safety. The evaluation tool used was a pre- and post-test that is included in the appendix of the curriculum.
Assessment instrument Used? yes
Use Restrictions: May copy for educational purposes.
Reviewers Comments: The “Fight Foodborne Illness!” curriculum provides the necessary food safety information for individuals working in or planning to work in the foodservice industry. Topics range from good personal hygiene and cross contamination to using HACCP. Each lesson provides helpful information along with highly interactive activities to keep the attention of the students. The material is well-organized and major points are presented clearly. The background information section is just for the teacher and provides additional detailed information on the subject matter to be taught for that lesson. The teaching guide is scripted into “Teacher Says” and “Teacher Does.” The “Teacher Does” section says when to use the transparencies and when to begin the activities for each lesson. This curriculum also includes an appendix, a food safety glossary and an index. The appendix includes pre- and post-assessments, a teaching materials/resource list, curriculum evaluation question, a certificate of graduation, and the Texas Department of Health Requirements for Food Handler’s Certification. The teaching materials list provides information on how to obtain all the materials needed for each lesson since they are not all included. The curriculum suggests talking with the person involved in the food handler’s class in your city to see if the graduating class can qualify for a food handler’s certificate.

The information contains some minor inaccuracies. In lesson 6 on pg. 120 under the Follow-Up Demonstration for Sentence #9 the text says “prepare this tuna salad recipe quickly so that it is not at room temperature for less than 15 minutes” when it should read “for more than 15 minutes.” It is important to note that this curriculum uses the Texas Food Establishment Rules (TFER) for temperatures of cold storage and hot holding of foods. There is a table in Lesson 5 that compares the temperatures based on TFER to the recommended consumer temperatures established by the USDA. The material provides interactive activities for the students such as a hand washing Demonstration using black lights, a HACCP Treasure Hunt, Growing Bacteria and a Fill-In-The-Blanks Story about Food Safety.

The curriculum is written for a general audience ages 14 and over. The scope of information is a mix of appropriate and less than appropriate concepts. Some topics discussed and vocabulary used may be overly technical for the younger audience. In Lesson 1 the medical term hemorrhagic colitis is used without being defined. Also, in Lesson 4 the section on cleaning sanitizers and their parts per million concentrations may be too technical for the younger audience as well. In Lesson 5 the discussion about calibrating thermometers may also be out of scope for the younger audience. Major ideas are reviewed throughout the curriculum, usually in the beginning of the lessons. Subject matter is presented objectively and without stereotyping. The writing approach is positive and personal while using an active voice. The supportive illustrations including fact sheets and transparencies are simple and appropriate. The transparencies that coordinate with each lesson are colorful with an attractive layout that stimulates interest. The background information and teaching guides have an adequate layout but do not stimulate interest. Clear headings are provided for each new topic area. Cueing devices such as bold print and boxes are used to direct attention to key points.

Note: This resource is no longer available for purchase. It can be borrowed from the National Agricultural Library.

Borrow it from the National Agricultural Library (NAL)
SNAP staff/SNAP-Ed providers can borrow materials from NAL through interlibrary loan.
    NAL Call No.: RA601.5 .F54 2004
    Go to Request Library Materials
Contact the Distributor:
    Distributor: Texas Cooperative Extension
    Contact: Karen Jensen
    Mail: Reed McDonald Building, Room 223
College Station, TX 77843-2112
    Phone: (979) 845-6571
    Cost: 0.00 per
    Avail. in Qty: No

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