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Title:Kids a Cookin'
Pub. date: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
Edition: 2004
Includes: 12 volumes in DVD or VHS format
Audience: Children, Elementary School, , Middle School
Language: Recipes are in English or Spanish
Description:The videos in this curriculum use a cooking show style to feature 95 recipes prepared by an adult facilitator with rotating child helpers in each video clip. Recipes include breakfast items, snacks, beverages, main courses and desserts. Viewers may choose to see one recipe or all in a continuum. Each recipe includes three pictures on the screen: a picture of the finished product, the actual preparation of the recipe as well as a list of ingredients and instructions that appear in order as they are used. A rating scale (a graphic of a scale is shown) is used to show the degree of difficulty from easy/medium/hard. Recipe preparation ends with a related tip like food safety (not eating batter with eggs), utensil or equipment use (microwaves/blenders), cooking (temperatures) or nutrition (main nutrients provided) to teach children additional knowledge. Phone numbers and Web site information is included in each recipe.

VHS Videos available to borrow from NAL collection. No longer available for purchase, but available for online viewing.

Funding Source: USDA's Food Stamp Program through a contract awarded by the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services.
Developer: Kansas State University: Kathy Walsten, Ron Frank, Deb Pryor
Phone: 785-532-7692
Length: A total of 95 programs
Pilot Testing: The author states: Formative research has indicated that this information is of equal interest to adults seeking to improve their basic cooking skills. Currently used by Extension FACS agents, WIC, SRS, 4-H, and schools in the state of Kansas.
Use Restrictions: Copyright protected. Permission needed to copy.
Reviewers Comments: The visual and sound qualities are extremely pleasing to the viewer. The overall impression of the kitchen, the facilitator and the preparation for each session is very professional. Recipes are child friendly, use few and common ingredients and offer a variety of seasonal choices. Recipe yield is always provided but the serving size is not, nor is the nutrient information included. The video emphasizes involving children in the cooking process and they are depicted in each recipe in a positive and supportive manner. Nutrition topics are addressed but not emphasized; educators may want to add more nutrition tips. Some recipe modifications are offered. Store brands which are usually cheaper are used (names do appear on the video) although low cost items aren’t consistently used. Some convenience foods such as boneless chicken breasts and jarred garlic are used which are typically more expensive. Recipes may work best as an addition to a class or to teach children to cook in the home setting versus watching all recipes in a sequence without a kitchen to practice. Recipe handouts would be a helpful feature for the educator to provide at the end of a class. Educators may want to determine the cost of ingredients in their community and provide comparisons to meals, snacks and beverages bought outside the home.
Borrow it from the National Agricultural Library (NAL)
SNAP staff/SNAP-Ed providers can borrow materials from NAL through interlibrary loan.
    NAL Call No.: videocassette no. 3286, 3287, 3288, 3439 , 3440,
    Go to Request Library Materials
Contact the Distributor:
    Distributor: Kansas State University
    Mail: 119 Dole Hall
Manhattan, Kansas 66506
    Order URL:
    Cost: 0.00 per
    Avail. in Qty: No
User FeedbackDate
great for the children2014-03-02

Very helpful tips...

Great tips !


great helping tips Thanks.

Great information2011-09-16


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