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Title:Eat Well for Less Web-based Learning Module
Alt. Title:Pyramid Power, We Wish You Well, Stretching Your Food Dollars
Pub. date: 2006
Edition: 2nd
Includes: Web-based learning module
Audience: Multiple Audiences, Hispanic
Language: English, Spanish
Description:Eat Well For Less is a series of self-paced, web-based learning modules offering ideas about how to meet some of the challenges of running a household. The modules are available in English or Spanish. The program’s goal is to share useful information about how to plan healthful meals, prepare tasty, low-cost foods that are quick and easy, and make food dollars last through the month.

There are three separate modules; "Pyramid Power", which covers the basics of MyPyramid, "We Wish You Well" which focuses on food safety, and "Stretching Your Food Dollars" which covers food resource management.

Funding Source: USDA, Food Stamp Nutrition Education
Developer: Anne Hoisington, Oregon State University Extension Service
Length: Three online lessons
Readability: 6th Grade
Assessment Method: SMOG readability test
Pilot Testing: First Edition: Pilot testing was performed in 10 other states; feedback was used to make minor changes. The product was also tested with high school students. A short "test your knowledge" quiz resulted in a 90% average for students completing the module. (per author)

Current (revised) Edition: Modules have been used extensively with food stamp eligible audiences (youth and adults) as well as paraprofessionals throughout the U.S. Knowledge change was notable, and intention to change behaviors was documented as well. (per author)

Assessment instrument Used? A test of knowledge form is available from the developer on request.
Use Restrictions: May copy for educational purposes.
Reviewers Comments: The Eat Well For Less web-based learning modules provide general nutrition information presented in an attractive and user-friendly format suitable for Food Stamp Program participants and eligibles. Each module is organized logically and navigation is clear and easy to follow. There are three separate modules which can be used alone or as a series. Content is basic enough for beginning learners, but provides a fairly comprehensive overview of information which could be supplemented by other learning activities, discussions, in-depth or focused topic coverage in warranted.

Pyramid Power:
This is an update to the first edition of this learning module which was based off the Food Guide Pyramid. Pyramid Power explains the basic concept of MyPyramid, and walks users through each of the food groups. Each food group has a subsection of “How Much to Eat” and “Shopping and Storage Tips.” In the “How Much to Eat” subsections, users can link directly to or MyPyramid for Kids to get a personalized MyPyramid Plan. Navigation is logical by allowing movement from one page to the next in a linear fashion. Users can also jump to different sections within the module by using a buttons found in an easy to read left hand navigation bar. Images are clear, relevant and supportive of the module’s content. Though some logos on food images can be recognized, it is clear that efforts have been made to limit branding or commercial bias. The “Milk” section includes an additional subsection which discusses lactose intolerance and suggests low and no-lactose sources Calcium. This section states that “leafy greens, soy products and juice with added calcium are good non-dairy sources of calcium,” which could be somewhat misleading if read as a food claim, as many leafy greens do not necessarily contain the 10-19% recommended intake of Calcium per serving necessary to be considered a “good source of calcium” according to FDA food label claim requirements.

We Wish You Well:
Focusing on Food safety in the household, this module is based on three basic rules; Keep It Clean, Cook It Well, and Cool It Soon. Keep it clean reviews several sanitation topics including hand-washing, avoiding cross contamination and washing fruits and vegetables. A FSNE educator could supplement this section with in-person demonstrations, or more in-depth handouts/literature outlining the steps of proper hand-washing. Cook It Well reviews the proper cooking temperatures of various meats and properly advises users to use a food thermometer to determine doneness. In the Guide To Proper Temperatures page, the module recommends cooking poultry without stuffing to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit which is consistent with the USDA, Food Safety and Inspection Service's most up to date recommendations. The “Cool It Soon” section concisely reviews the importance of proper food storage and prompt cooling of leftovers.

Stretching Your Food Dollars:
This module provides some helpful tips and instructions on basic food resource management which are divided into Strategies at Home and Strategies at the Store. Home strategies include a review of budgeting, planning ahead, and looking for sales and coupons. In-store strategies include a helpful review of unit pricing, tips for deciding between generic and brand-name products, and advise to read food labels and ingredient lists while shopping. An educator could supplement this section with a more detailed discussion or handout explaining how to read a food label.

The final slides of each module include a brief review of topics covered and a menu which can help users navigate to the remaining modules in this series.

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Web site in English:
Web site in Spanish:
Contact the Distributor:
    Distributor: Oregon State University, Extension
    Contact: Anne Hoisington
    Mail: Post Office Box 55378
Portland, OR 97238
    Fax: 503-282-0624
    Avail. in Qty: No

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